Logan Gravenor

Charlie's character, Alias: (Drake Cromwell) Lawful neutral human ninja


Character History
Logan and Lucas, the twin sons of the great ninja master Silus Gravenor were raised to be ninjas of the Shadowhawk clan from birth. Master Silus Gravenor bred fierce competition amongst all his ninja initiates and the twins were no exception. From the very moment they understood its meaning, the two competed for their father’s rare affection. As they neared their coming of age ceremony in adolescence their sibling rivalry was already near hatred. Only the respect of their father held them in check.

On the day of their coming of age, the twins competed in a near-deadly obstacle course through a portion of Undermountain (the labyrinth of caverns beneath Waterdeep). Despite the fact Lucas cheated during the course, Logan was victorious and won the favor of their father at the initiation. After the ceremony, the furious Lucas was secretly taken under the wing of a powerful Shadowhawk lieutenant named Salazzar.

Salazzar of the Gravenor Clan had quickly risen from a role as a minor contract ninja to that of a daring lieutenant after fulfilling several nearly suicidal contracts in rapid succession. Unknown to Master Gravenor, Salazzar’s rise had been fueled by dark gifts from Bhaal the god of murder. After taking Lucas Gravenor under his wing, Salazzar’s became bolder and began to attract more initiates to his daring style. Salazzar and a number of his loyal ninja followers broke from Shadowawk tradition by taking contracts for assassination almost exclusively (to fuel the favor of Bhaal), which drew the watchful eye of Master Gravenor.

Master Gravenor quickly discovered Salazzar’s betrayal by witnessing the lieutenant lead a group of ninja initiates in a Bhaall murder ritual. Gravenor and his loyal ninjas interrupted surrounding Salazzar and his initiates. However, Salazzar had planned for Gravenor’s discovery. The night prior Salazzar personally killed the Black Adder ninja lieutenant Marc de Mouce (Master Jaque de Maucel’s son) in an honorless and brutal manner. The next day he indirectly leaked the location for Master Gravenor’s long hidden clan hall to the Black Adders.

With Salazzar surrounded, Master Gravenor and his ninjas were poised to strike the rightful death blow to Salazzar’s mutiny. Salazzar bought time attempting to convince Master Gravenor of his possession by daemons. Then, Salazzar’s fateful plan sprung into action as Black Adders in full combat dress burst into the Gravenor complex with vengeance. A great melee ensued between the Black Adders and Master Gravenor’s loyal ninjas. Salazzar and his loyal ninjas and initiates drew hidden weapons and secretely escaped in the chaos. In the end, the great Gravenor Clan ninja complex was burned to dust, and Master Silus Gravenor along with every Shadowhawk ninja loyal to him were dead…. except for one man.

Logan Gravenor was on a secret mission that night, his first as a Shadow Hawk. When he returned successful, he found the ashes of the Gravenor Clan complex. His mourning was witnessed by a Lucas whom had remained after Salazzar realized Logan was not present. Logan fought bravely, but the Lucas fought with a strange power and was uncharacteristically overwhelming him. Lucas relished in divulging that their father was dead and that he and Salazzar would now rise to a much greater power than the foolish Silus ever had. Somehow, Logan found it in himself to survive and successfully retreated.

At that point Logan swore revenge on Lucas, Salazzar, every Shadowhawk traitor, and every member of the Black Adder clan. Knowing his life was in danger every second he remained in Waterdeep, Logan fled to the southeast. There he searches for the ancient ancestral monastary of his father’s father (of which he knows almost nothing). Along his way he has been continuously hunted by agents of the Shadowhawk clan led by his brother Lucas. Only with great wisdom and power will Logan allow himself to return, where he will strike down his enemies with great vengeance and furious anger.

History of the Clans
The Gravenor Clan and de Moucel Clan have been long rivals in Waterdeep. Each clan serves the growing needs of Waterdeep’s evershifting political and mercantile leaders for assassination, information gathering, hidden protection, abduction, and secret transport of small goods. Additionally, the masked lords and elite of Waterdeep enjoy each ninja clan’s professionalism, discrete nature, and reputation for accomplishing the mission no matter how dangerous.

Historically, the rivalry and occasional skirmishes between the Shadow Hawks and Black Adders was well-tolerated by the masked lords of Waterdeep whom viewed the rivalry as a natural method of ensuring neither accumulated sufficient power to challenge their authority. Although neither clan holds the favor of a masked lord, the two clans have often found each other on opposite sides of missions. Still, over many years and missions the two clans have maintained a certain level of professional respect to their rivalry. In recent times however, (see Salazzar’s takeover of the Shadowhawk clan) bad blood and collateral damage is accumulating between the two clans due to repeated offenses by the Salazzar-led Shadow Hawks.

Gravenor Clan “Shadow hawks”
Known for: Leaping, climbing, spying, striking from above or from great distance
Traits: Planning, courage, daring
Ruler: Silus Gravenor (former), Salazzar (current)
Symbol: Talon (former), talon holding a skull (current).
Territory: Waterdeep
Goal: Wealth, expansion (former), favor of Bhaal, power (current).
Clan alignment: Lawful neutral (former), lawful evil (current).
Races: Human, half-elf, halfing (former), increasingly half-orc (current).
Size: 40 (former), 100 (current).
Resources: Good (former), wealthy (current)
Status: Ninja guild (former), terrorist cell (current)
Demands on members:
Former: Loyalty to Master Silus Gravenor
Former and current: No ownership of property except for ninja gear, continuous training
Current: Loyalty to Salazzar, worship of Bhaal
The shadowhawk code: Don’t impress others, don’t carry your gear unless necessary, establish safe houses, spy on your friends, always have a reason, don’t be greedy, be courageous, build strong alliances.

de Moucel Clan “Black adders”
Known for: Stealth, disguise, exceptional poison use/alchemy
Traits: Resourcefulness, cunning, ambition
Ruler: Jacque de Moucel
Symbol: Two fangs
Territory: Waterdeep
Goal: Wealth, expansion
Clan alignment: Neutral
Races: Human, half-elf, halfing
Size: 40
Resources: Good
Status: Ninja guild
Demands on members: Loyalty to Master Jaque de Mourcel, no ownership of property except for ninja gear, continuous training.

Logan Gravenor

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