The Noble Houses of the Sunset Vale

The Monarch:

King Liamund Mannen’krig the Triumphant, sits the Dawn Throne in Iriaebor. The King’s Banner is a Crowned Griffon.


Portrait depicting King Liamund at The Battle of Crown Spire, 2nd Great Crusade, 1348 DR

Liamund mannen krig

The Margraves:

  • Prince Volhym Mannen’krig, half-brother of the king, Margrave of the South, rules from the Sky Throne in Berdusk.
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  • Hyval Jattelan, Margrave of the West, rules from Jotenthrain in Scornubel.
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  • Kole Ryttermarg, Margrave of the North, rules from the Throne of Hesten in Hill’s Edge.
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  • Thymor Sull, Margrave of the East, rules from Dragonthrone in Asbravn.
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The Great Houses of the Margraves:

House Name House Sigil House Motto Liege Lord
House Mannen’krig Golden Griffon
House mannen krig
“Soar Over All” None
House Jattelan Red Giant
House jattelan
“We Shall Endure” Mannen’krig
House Ryttermarg White Horse
House ryttermarg
“Swift and Sure” Mannen’krig
House Sull Silver Dragon
House sull
“Their Blood is Ours” Mannen’krig

The Lesser Houses of the Jarls:

House Name House Sigil House Motto Liege Lord
House Harrowgate Iron Portcullis
House harrowgate
“Unbroken” Jattelan
House Northwoed Oak Tree
House northwoed
“High We Climb, Deep We Delve” Jattelan
House Rabefod Black Raven
House rabefod
“From Wisdom, Strength” Jattelan
House Wyldehorn Unicorn
House wyldehorn
“Valor, Honor, Providence” Jattelan
House Drachengyld Golden Wyvern
House drachengyld
“Our Wings Are Refuge” Mannen’krig
House Dreadlion Red and Black Manticore
House dreadlion
“Righteous Fury” Mannen’krig
House Brand Fiery Phoenix
House brand
“Rise and Rise Again” Mannen’krig
House Sommerhalle Yellow Sun
House sommerhalle
“Fear No Darkness” Mannen’krig
House Vatryal Gorgon
House vatryal
“Terrible in Wrath” Mannen’krig
House Vowdrey Grey Pegasus
House vowdrey
“Bravery and Loyalty” Mannen’krig
House Liddelhauk Brown Eagle
House liddelhauk
“Sight Keen, Talons Sharp” Ryttermarg
House Tyrguard Winter Wolf
House tyrguard
“The Just Shall Rule” Ryttermarg
House Whitehart White Elk
House whitehart
“Strength in Purity” Ryttermarg
House Brosmorn Blue-Grey Boar
House brosmorn
“We Stand Ready” Sull
House Fynn Crossed Axes
House fynn
“Death Before Dishonor” Sull
House Gedgron Green Ram
House gedgron
“Shepherd the Weak” Sull
House Greymane Black Lion
House greymane
“None So Fierce” Sull
House Bard Stone Tower
House bard
“Ever Vigilant” Sull

The Barons

There are 98 noble houses that make up the baronies of the Vale. The Kodhammers of Redwater are but one. The liege lord of the Kodhammers is House Whitehart. The liege lord of Whitehart is House Ryttermarg. The Kodhammer House Sigil is Crossed Warhammers and their House Motto is: “By Hammer And Hand”.

Kodhammer Crossed Warhammers House kodhammer
Adigard White Tree House adigard
Adwel Crossed Keys House adwel
Ashbyrne Ash Leaf House ashbyrne
Astaris Falcon House astaris
Bandraddon Black Destrier House bandraddon
Blackcog Golden Longship House blackcog
Blackhelm Black Helmet House blackhelm
Braden Eagle’s Claw House braden
Brammen Pine Tree House brammen
Braymeer Centaur House braymeer
Calder Black and White Hunting Hounds House calder
Carnyrr Bear Rampant House carnyrr
Cedardraught Longbow House cedardraught
Cyrill Red Stag House cyrill
Donder Boar’s Head House donder
Dowrmark Hunting Horn House dowrmark
Duldurum Double Bladed Axe House duldurum
Duskwood Black tree with eyes House duskwood
Elderfeyne Tree of Life House elderfeyne
Ember Flaming Torch House ember
Fayne Ouroboros House fayne
Fellboar Direboar House fellboar
Fisk Red Fox House fisk
Freehold Three Crossed Arrows House freehold
Freymar Stag’s Head House freymar
Fuller Frost Giant House fuller
Gabelhorn Lute House gabelhorn
Garfon Wheatgarb House garfon
Gelder Red Horse House gelder
Goodhearth Fire in Hearth House goodhearth
Goraan Owl House goraan
Graven Flaming Eye House graven
Greathauk Two headed Roc House greathauk
Greyburn Crossed Scythes House greyburn
Haartmar Moose Head House haartmar
Hagebak Open Book House hagebak
Harper Golden Harp House harper
Harrel Hawk House harrel
Hauteghast Bear’s Head House hauteghast
Heber Leaping Trout House heber
Hender Griffon’s Head House hender
Henning Hand with Eye in Palm House henning
Highmantle Thistle House highmantle
Highwall Hammer and Anvil House highwall
Hoarwell Copper Dragon House hoarwell
Holt Red Apple Tree House holt
Hueron Scales of Justice House hueron
Imbrandil Bell House imbrandil
Jungstrand Hands breaking manacles House jungstrand
Keen Sabre Cat House keen
Kellish Two coiled Serpents House kellish
Kelm Lion Passant House kelm
Kendrall Cockatrice House kendrall
Kerner Sword dripping blood House kerner
Landon Wood Spirit House landon
Lanwith Hellhound House lanwith
Longstride Hippogriff House longstride
Marlow Basilisk House marlow
Marrand Chimera House marrand
Moore Willow Tree House moore
Mowbrey Lion’s Head House mowbrey
Nalgaard Hydra House nalgaard
Nather Wagon Wheel House nather
Newfyre Burning Skull House newfyre
Nyrdden Horseshoe House nyrdden
Ornshield Minotaur House ornshield
Penwell Winged Serpent House penwell
Quaillen Harpy House quaillen
Quin Three Eyed Man House quin
Rakkyn Red Bull House rakkyn
Redcloak Crossed Flails House redcloak
Rowanson Ravens in Tree House rowanson
Sarak Burning Fist House sarak
Schyrell Sleeping Dragon House schyrell
Shal Troll Skull House shal
Sunden Dragon’s Head House sunden
Swane Sphinx House swane
Swann White Swan House swann
Symons Open Hand House symons
Tallwood Three Elm Leaves House tallwood
Tarryn Sheperd’s Crook and Sword House tarryn
Tarvel Dead Tree House tarvel
Teel Hand Holding Lightning Bolt House teel
Thrain Panther Rampant House thrain
Tollad Falling Star House tollad
Tuck Flaming Sun House tuck
Ulgard Three Crossed Swords House ulgard
Ulvin Wolf Head Howling at Red Moon House ulvin
Valantyr Lightning Bolt House valantyr
Valbrand Wolf Rampant House valbrand
Vinter Gate House House vinter
Virtanen Crossbow House virtanen
Vollan Red Dragon House vollan
Waldemar Flaming Sword House waldemar
Welton Crescent Moon House welton
Wragge Silver Chalice House wragge
Wren Wren House wren

The Knights

The precise number of knights of the realm changes often. There are around 2000 known, living, honorable knights of the Vale as recorded by the King’s scribes. They are the least of the nobles and are titled Ser, not Lord, as the Barons, Jarls and Margraves are.

The Noble Houses of the Sunset Vale

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